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Papers with MEG Center affiliation

  1. Berdyshev D.A., Grachev A.M., Shishkin S.L., Kozyrskiy B.L. (2023) Meta-optimization of initial weights for more effective few- and zero-shot learning in BCI classification. 2023 IEEE Ural-Siberian Conference on Computational Technologies in Cognitive Science, Genomics and Biomedicine (CSGB). Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, 28-30 September 2023. Pp. 263-267.
  2. Yashin A.S. A challenge for bringing a BCI closer to motor control: the “interface uncanny valley” hypothesis. 2023 IEEE Ural-Siberian Conference on Computational Technologies in Cognitive Science, Genomics and Biomedicine (CSGB). Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, 28-30 September 2023. Pp. 242-247.
  3. Shevtsova Y.G., Vasilyev A.N., Shishkin S.L. Machine learning for gaze-based selection: performance assessment without explicit labeling. In: M. Kurosu et al. HCI International 2023 – Late Breaking Papers. HCII 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 14054. Springer, Cham, 25 November 2023, pp. 311–322.
  4. Chetkin E.I., Shishkin S.L., Kozyrskiy B.L. Bayesian opportunities for brain–computer interfaces: enhancement of the existing classification algorithms and out-of-domain detection. Algorithms, 16(9):429, 8 September 2023. (Open Access)
  5. Yashin A.S., Shishkin S.L., Vasilyev A.N. (2023) Is there a continuum of agentive awareness across physical and mental actions? The case of quasi-movements. Consciousness and Cognition, 112:103531. Preprint (PsyArXiv):
  6. Vasilyev A.N., Yashin A.S., Shishkin S.L. (2023) Quasi-movements and “quasi-quasi-movements”: Does residual muscle activation matter? Life, 13(2):303. 23 pages. (Open Access)
  7. Васильев А.Н., Крючкова А.Г., Маковская А.Е. Повышенная чувствительность пространственных фильтров при совмещении магнитного и электрического компонентов сенсомоторного кортикального бета-ритма. Вестник Московского университета. Серия 16: Биология. 2023. Т. 78. № 1. C. 3–10. [ PDF ] / English version: Vasilyev A.N., Kryuchkova A.G., Makovskaya A.E. (2023) Increased sensitivity of spatial filters by combining the magnetic and electrical components of the sensorimotor cortical beta rhythm. Moscow Univ. Biol. Sci. Bull. 78, 1–7. [ PDF ]
  8. Ganin I.P., Vasilyev A.N., Glazova T.D., Kaplan A.Ya. (2023) Sources and impact of human brain potential variability in the brain-computer interface. Vestnik RGMU, No. 2, pp. 42-49 / Ганин И.П., Васильев А.Н., Глазова Т.Д., Каплан А.Я. (2023) Источники и значимость вариативности потенциалов мозга человека в интерфейсе мозг–компьютер. Вестник РГМУ. № 02. С. 42-49. (In Russian) (Open Access)
  9. Yashin A.S., Vasilyev A.N., Shishkin S.L. (2022) Contrasting quasi-movements with imaginary movements: an experimental model for studying physical and mental actions. Proc. of the 4th Int. Conf. “Neurotechnologies and Neurointerfaces” (CNN’2022), 14−16 September 2022, Kaliningrad, Russia, pp. 215-218.
  10. Yashin A.S., Zhao D.G., Stolyarova A.N., Moscowsky A.D., Yakovlev D.S., Nazhestkin I.A., Shishkin S.L., Dubynin I.A. (2022) Subjective distance estimates and sense of agency in robotic wheelchair control. Applied Sciences. 12(12):6217. (Open Access)
  11. Shishkin S.L. (2022) Active brain-computer interfacing for healthy users. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 16:859887. (Open Access)
  12. Zhao D.G., Vasilyev A.N., Kozyrskiy B.L., Melnichuk E.V., Isachenko A.V., Velichkovsky B.M., Shishkin S.L. (2021) A passive BCI for monitoring the intentionality of the gaze-based moving object selection. Journal of Neural Engineering. 18(2):026001. (Open Access)
  13. Ovchinnikova A.O., Vasilyev A.N., Zubarev I.P., Kozyrskiy B.L., Shishkin S.L. (2021) MEG-based detection of voluntary eye fixations used to control a computer. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 15:619591. (Open Access)
  14. Dubynin I.A., Yashin A.S., Velichkovsky B.M., Shishkin S.L. (2021) An experimental paradigm for studying sense of agency in joint human-machine motor actions. Experimental Brain Research. 239(6):1951-1961. [ PDF ]
  15. Dubynin I., Yashin A., Velichkovsky B.M. (2021) Designing sense of agency experiments to study joint human-machine grasping actions. In B.M. Velichkovsky et al. (Eds.): Intercognsci 2020: Advances in Cognitive Research, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroinformatics 1358. Springer, Cham. Pp. 720–728. [ PDF ]
  16. Yashin A.S., Dubynin I.A. (2021) Intentional binding as an implicit measure of the sense of agency. The Russian Journal of Cognitive Science, 8(4): 11–36. / Яшин А.С., Дубынин И.А. (2021) Интенциональное связывание как неявный показатель чувства агентности. Российский журнал когнитивной науки, 8(4): 11–36. (In Russian) (Open Access)
  17. Vasilyev AN, Nuzhdin YO, Kaplan AY (2021) Does real-time feedback affect sensorimotor EEG patterns in routine motor imagery practice? Brain Sciences, 11(9):1234. (Open Access)
  18. Syrov N.V., Vasilyev A.N., Soloveva A.A., Kaplan A.Ya. (2021) The effect of mirror-box illusion on sensorimotor EEG rhythms during voluntary and involuntary movements of the fingers. Zh. Vyssh. Nervn. Deyat. im I.P. Pavlova, 71(6): 858-872. / Сыров Н.В., Васильев А.Н., Соловьева А.А., Каплан А.Я. (2021) Влияние зеркальной иллюзии на сенсомоторные ритмы ЭЭГ при произвольном и непроизвольном движении пальцев руки. Журнал высшей нервной деятельности им. И. П. Павлова, 71(6): 858-872.
  19. Zhao D.G., Karikov N.D., Melnichuk E.V., Velichkovsky B.M., Shishkin S.L. (2020) Voice as a mouse click: Usability and effectiveness of simplified hands-free gaze-voice selection. Applied Sciences, 10(24):8791. (Open Access)

Selected earlier publications

  1. Яшин А.С., Дубынин И.А. (2021) Теория сознания Дж. Тонони: анализ и критика. Вестник Московского университета. Серия 7: Философия. № 4. С. 31-40. / Yashin A.S., Dubynin I.A. Tononi’s theory of consciousness: analysis and critique. Herald of Moscow University. Series 7: Philosophy. No. 4. Pp. 31-40. [ PDF ( ] (In Russian) (Open Access)
  2. Zhao D.G., Vasilyev A.N., Kozyrskiy B.L., Isachenko A.V., Melnichuk E.V., Velichkovsky B.M., Shishkin S.L. (2019) An expectation-based EEG marker for the selection of moving objects with gaze. Proc. of the 8th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conf. Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz. Pp. 291-296. (Open Access)
  3. Isachenko A.V., Zhao D.G., Melnichuk E.V., Dubynin I.A., Velichkovsky B.M., Shishkin S.L. (2018) The pursuing gaze beats mouse in non-pop-out target selection. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), Miyazaki, Japan, pp. 3518-3523. [ PDF ]
  4. Shishkin S.L., Zhao D.G., Isachenko A.V., Velichkovsky B.M. (2017) Gaze-and-brain-controlled interfaces for human-computer and human-robot interaction. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art. 10(3):120-137. [ PDF ]
  5. Dubynin I.A., Shishkin S.L. (2017) Feeling of agency versus judgment of agency in passive movements with various delays from the stimulus. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art. 10(3), 40-56. [ PDF ]
  6. Nuzhdin Y.O., Shishkin S.L., Fedorova A.A., Kozyrskiy B.L., Medyntsev A.A., Svirin E.P., Korsun O.V., Dubynin I.A., Trofimov A.G., Velichkovsky B.M. (2017) Passive detection of feedback expectation: Towards fluent hybrid eye-brain-computer interfaces. Proc. of the 7th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference. Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz. Pp. 361-366. (Open Access)
  7. Shishkin S.L., Nuzhdin Y.O., Svirin E.P., Trofimov A.G., Fedorova A.A., Kozyrskiy B.L., Velichkovsky B.M. (2016) EEG negativity in fixations used for gaze-based control: Toward converting intentions into actions with an eye-brain-computer interface. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 10:528. (Open Access)
  8. Величковский Б.М., Нуждин Ю.О., Свирин Е.П., Строганова Т.А., Федорова А.А., Шишкин С.Л. (2016) Управление «силой мысли»: На пути к новым формам взаимодействия человека с техническими устройствами. Вопросы психологии. 62(1): 79-88.
  9. Fedorova A.A., Shishkin S.L., Nuzhdin Y.O., Velichkovsky B.M. (2015) Gaze based robot control: The communicative approach. 7th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (IEEE/EMBS NER2015). Pp. 751-754. [ PDF ]
  10. Fedorova A.A., Shishkin S.L., Nuzhdin Y.O., Faskhiev M.N., Vasilyevskaya A.M., Ossadtchi A.E., Kaplan A.Y., Velichkovsky B.M. (2014) A fast “single-stimulus” brain switch. Proc. 6th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conf. (Sept. 16-19, 2014, Graz University of Technology, Austria). Ed. by Gernot Muller-Putz et al. Graz, Verlag der Technischen Universitat Graz, 2014. Article ID 052. (Open Access)
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  12. I.P.Ganin, S.L.Shishkin, A.Y.Kaplan. A P300-based brain-computer interface with stimuli on moving objects: four-session single-trial and triple-trial tests with a game-like task design. PLOS ONE. 2013. 8(10): e77755. (Open Access)
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  15. И.П.Ганин, С.Л.Шишкин, А.Г.Кочетова, А.Я.Каплан. Интерфейс мозг-компьютер “на волне P300”: исследование эффекта номера стимулов в последовательности их предъявления. Физиология человека. 2012;38(2):5-13. [ PDF ] / English version: I.P.Ganin, S.L.Shishkin, A.G.Kochetova, A.Ya.Kaplan. P300-based brain-computer interface: The effect of the stimulus position in a stimulus train. Human Physiology. 2012;38(2):121-128. ]
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  • Шишкин С.Л., Каплан А.Я., Величковский Б.М. Способ управления устройством с помощью глазных жестов в ответ на стимулы. Патент RU 2522848 (14.05.2013). / Shishkin S.L., Velichkovsky B.M., Kaplan A.J. Method of controlling device using eye gestures in response to stimuli. Patent RU 2522848 (14.05.2013).
  • Каплан А.Я., Шишкин С.Л. Игра. Патент RU 2472561 (01.06.2011). (Патент на игровой интерфейс мозг-компьютер.) / Kaplan A.J., Shishkin S.L. Game. Patent RU 2472561 (01.06.2011). (A brain-computer interface for gaming.)