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Welcome to the Neurocognitive Intrefaces Group at Moscow MEG Center, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education!

We study human physiology and cognition in human-machine interaction, especially in interaction via brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and in gaze-based interaction. We also develop advanced non-invasive BCIs, including the highly integrated “eye-brain-computer interfaces” (EBCIs).

Research areas

Advanced/hybrid EEG/MEG BCIs

Gaze interaction


Intention, action, agency, consciousness

Sergei L. Shishkin, PhD
(Cand. Biol. Sci.)
Group Leader
Leading Research Scientist
Anatoly N. Vasiliyev, PhD
(Cand. Biol. Sci.)
Senior Research Scientist
Ignat A. Dubynin, PhD
(Cand. Psychol. Sci.)
Senior Research Scientist

Anastasia O. Ovchinnikova, PhD
(Cand. Phys.-Math. Sci.)
Senior Research Scientist
Darisiy G. Zhao
Junior Research Scientist
(& PhD student
at Kurchatov Inst.)

Artem S. Yashin
Junior Research Scientist
(& PhD student at
Lomonosov Moscow State U.)
Daniil A. Berdyshev
Junior Research Scientist
(& MS Student at MIPT (PhysTech))
Yulia G. Shevtsova
Junior Research Scientist
(& MS Student at MIPT (PhysTech))
Egor I. Chetkin
(MS Student at MIPT (PhysTech))

Leonid S. Lyskov
(MS Student at MIPT (PhysTech))

Current collaborators

  • Artem Grachev
  • Nikita Fedosov
  • Alexander Kaplan
  • Bogdan Kozyrskiy
  • Yuri Nuzhdin
  • Alexey Ossadtchi

Recent publications

  1. Yashin A.S., Shishkin S.L., Vasilyev A.N. (2023) Is there a continuum of agentive awareness across physical and mental actions? The case of quasi-movements. Consciousness and Cognition, 112:103531. Preprint (PsyArXiv): (Open Access)
  2. Vasilyev A.N., Yashin A.S., Shishkin S.L. (2023) Quasi-movements and “quasi-quasi-movements”: Does residual muscle activation matter? Life, 13(2):303. 23 pages. (Open Access)
  3. Yashin A.S., Vasilyev A.N., Shishkin S.L. Contrasting quasi-movements with imaginary movements: an experimental model for studying physical and mental actions. Proc. of the 4th Int. Conf. “Neurotechnologies and Neurointerfaces” (CNN’2022), 14−16 September 2022, Kaliningrad, Russia, pp. 215-218.
  4. Yashin A.S., Zhao D.G., Stolyarova A.N., Moscowsky A.D., Yakovlev D.S., Nazhestkin I.A., Shishkin S.L., Dubynin I.A. (2022) Subjective distance estimates and sense of agency in robotic wheelchair control. Applied Sciences. 12(12):6217. (Open Access)
  5. Shishkin S.L. (2022) Active brain-computer interfacing for healthy users. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 16:859887. (Open Access)

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Current projects

  • – RSF 22-19-00528 “Fluent human-machine interaction based on expectation and intention markers: neurophysiological and neuroengineering foundations”
  • – Prioritet 2030

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Sergei Shishkin

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